A Second Knock at the Door: 
A Documentary on Friendly Fire 
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The Filmmakers

Christopher Grimes: Producer/Director

Christopher Grimes and Leigh Cavich-Grimes started 5414 Productions in 2008 with the goal of building a small, independent production company focused exclusively on documentaries that deal with complex issues in public policy from both a macro and micro perspective.  5414 Productions is co-located in Chicago and Washington D.C.

With experience in both government and politics as well as a Master's degree in Public Policy & Administration from Northwestern University, Christopher brings a unique set of real world and research skills to his directorial debut, A Second Knock at the Door, 5414 Productions' first feature-length documentary.  

In addition to Christopher's unique skill-set, he felt it was important to bring experienced filmmakers onto the team to bolster the level of screenwriting, editing, and producing expertise. Connect with Chris and 5414 Productions on Twitter and Facebook (5414 Productions on FB and A Second Knock on FB).

Travis Edwards: Director of Photography / Editor 

Since joining 5414 Productions as Director of Photography and Editor on A Second Knock at the Door, Travis has been instrumental in bringing Christopher’s vision for the project into reality.  As a young and extremely talented filmmaker, Travis was the perfect fit for 5414 Productions and currently runs the Washington D.C. office.  

Graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Film, Travis has worked with a wide range of clients, shooting everything from commercials and television shows to documentaries, online web-series, and features. He has filmed across the country and been involved in multiple formats from digital to film. Television clients included HGTV, Comedy Central, CNN, Spike TV, and the Discovery Channel. In addition to his commercial work, he has also developed and shot his own award-winning shorts and documentary work.

Jessica King: Writer / Producer

Jessica joined forces with 5414 Productions in the midst of the post-production process of A Second Knock at the Door. Into the storm, Jessica took command of the voice-over script and contributed invaluable insight into the shape of the overall film.  This is King is a Fink Productions (and Jessica's) first documentary.  

Jessica is a hands-on producer who isn’t afraid to get dirty. In her King is a Fink Productions films, she takes on cinematography and editing duties, as well as writing, website development, and marketing. King is a Fink’s short films have shown around the US as well as in Europe, and their first feature film (TILT) is in post-production. In her “other life,” Jessica teaches AP language & composition and film classes on the high school level. Learn more about Jessica at
kingisafink.comYou can follow Jessica and King is a Fink Productions on Twitter & Facebook.

Leigh Cavich-Grimes: Executive Producer

Leigh started 5414 Productions with Christopher E. Grimes in 2008.  Utilizing her MBA from the University of Notre Dame, she currently serves as CFO and COO of 5414 Productions LLC and is focused on managing all aspects of the business.  As Executive Producer of "A Second Knock at the Door," Leigh's primary focus is with the ongoing business management, marketing, and distribution of the documentary.  In her free time, Leigh is a strategy and business development executive with a Fortune 100 company.  

Julie Keck: Associate Producer / Social Media Consultant

As an Associate Producer for A Second Knock at the Door, Julie is actively engaged with the social media marketing and film festival strategies, as well as providing valuable feedback on every aspect of the documentary. 

Julie also writes and produces films with Jessica King as King is a Fink Productions. Julie focuses on script writing and audience building. Julie and Jessica are also trendsetters in the crowdfunding world, having raised $15k for their first feature film (TILT) via Kickstarter.com in the summer of 2010 and creating a unique virtual community for their backers (TILTtheTown). Julie enjoys consulting with indie filmmakers and other artists about maximizing their social media mojo and creating kick-ass crowdfunding campaigns. Learn more about Julie at
kingisafink.com. You can follow Julie and King is a Fink Productions on Twitter & Facebook.

Laura Grimes: Production Designer

As the Art Director for 5414 Productions and Production Designer of
A Second Knock at the Door, Laura has been instrumental in establishing the overall  look of 5414 Productions and ASKATD.  From the movie poster to the media guide, Laura created all the marketing materials and many of the visual components of A Second Knock at the Door.

Since graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design, Laura has worked as a designer and illustrator for a wide range of clients.  From designing children's clothing for a major U.S. retailer to 3D storefront art, she prides herself on attention to detail, quality, and concept.  Currently, Laura is a lead designer for conceptual logo creation and identity systems for several companies in the Midwest.

Beth Leonard: Producer

As a Producer for A Second Knock at the Door, Beth worked tirelessly to contact and build trust with the families, friends, and fellow soldiers of the men covered in the documentary. Believing that these men should not simply be defined by the incidents in which they died, Beth focused on finding the people that know these soldiers best, as husband, son, father, or friend. 

Since finishing her studies in Documentary Non-Fiction Writing from the celebrated Salt Institute for Documentary Studies, Beth has advocated for the homeless and domestic violence victim populations in various multimedia projects. Working as an editor and writer for a wide range of publications, Beth has focused her work on bringing voice to women and children caught in the margins of America.

Paul Binder: Voice-Over Narrator

Paul joined 5414 Productions exclusively for
A Second Knock at the Door. As the voice-over narrator of the film, Paul not only contributed his voice to the project, but also provided valuable feedback to Chris and Jessica as they wrote the screenplay.  Paul has been doing professional voice work in the major market of Chicago for over 20 years. 

Born and raised in the Windy City, Paul’s experience includes radio hosting, commercials, industrial videos and promos. He has developed a wide variety of styles over the years, and at the drop of an octave, this versatile voice over artist can go from classic announcer to disgruntled civil servant. With Paul’s natural talent and improv training, virtually any character, delivery style or dialect is within reach.  For more information on Paul, visit him at paulbindervo.com.

Joe Reno: Producer / Creative Consultant

As a Producer for
A Second Knock at the Door, Joe provided invaluable insight into all aspects of the documentary.  An experienced veteran in the industry, Joe continues to be one of the film’s biggest supporters and a constant source of inspiration since the very beginning of the process.  Joe is an award winning screenwriter who's scripts have included such awards as "Audience Favorite" at the West L.A. Film Festival and a "Top Ten Entry" for "Heaven Cent" at the 168 Film Festival.   Most recently he has optioned a feature script to an Emmy-award winning director and is currently writing a feature film for Paramount Studios.

Shelby Cinca & Jim Cooper: Original Score / Sound of Tyme Productions

Sound of Tyme Productions otherwise known as Travelers of Tyme is a musical collaboration across two continents that spans over 15 years.  Consisting of guitarist/songwriter Shelby Cinca of Gothenberg, Sweden and composer/arranger Jim Cooper of Chicago, IL, the music of Travelers of Tyme is lush, varied and versatile, incorporating elements of exotica jazz, 20th Century classical music, surf rock and various genres of European electronica to effect a unified sound designed to be played in the background. Shelby and Jim have released numerous albums under this moniker aside from their other individual works and have even scored video games from Astro Boy (X-box) to Tri-Tri-Triobelisk (iPad). Visit Shelby and Jim at http://tyme.bandcamp.com.

Beth Moore: Original Music
From the moment the producers of A Second Knock at the Door heard Beth's powerful voice, they knew her original songs would add a compelling and heartfelt dimension to their documentary. Having already built a loyal following in her native Canada, it's only a matter of time before her unique folk style and passionate vocals win Beth an audience in the United States.
For tour information, visit Beth here.
You may recognize the haunting melody from Beth's song "So Far, So Good" from the Second Knock trailer:

See what this hard-working and dedicated team created:
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